Surfing, Yoga & Sustainability

Contributed by Esther & Minaya from Kukui Surf Yoga 



About 71% of the Earth surface is covered by water. And oceans contain 97% of this water. As humans, we are not marine creatures, however, it is true that we feel so attracted to the power of the ocean and the fluidity of the sea.

If you are a surfer you might feel the connection with nature and with the ocean, that's why it is your responsibility to respect the planet with your daily actions. Saying no to plastic bottles and bags, picking up any plastic you find at the beach and supporting sustainable brands are just small examples.

Just Bottle brings together all the above! They are a sustainable brand of reusable bottles to help you avoid buying unnecessary plastic bottles. At the same time they contribute with every bottle sold to Just One Ocean that promotes beach cleaning initiatives, as well as educational and scientific programs to preserve the ocean environment.

Being in the ocean is a great way to connect with nature, feel free and disconnect your mind. And that's probably why surfing is so addictive and is getting more and more popular through the years. As well as surfing, yoga has been growing enormously in the last few years and both together offer a perfect combination, do you want to know why?

Surfing teaches us to BE PRESENT, to really focus on the moment if you don't want to get wiped out because you were thinking on what to cook for dinner, and that's just one part of the beautiful connection it has with yoga, where being present and connect with the moment is a must once you step on your mat.
BREATHING is another important part in both Surf & Yoga, when you get caught by a wave, and you spend some seconds holding your breath or while practicing pranayama before your yoga sequence. Breathing is our natural way of connecting with our body, and it is essential in both practices.

Progress is made STEP BY STEP, another beautiful lesson that both surf and yoga teach us, for sure you won't be catching a wave on your first day surfing, and it will be quite impossible to do a headstand when you start practicing yoga, the importance is on the progress, on the daily obstacles and gifts, on the constant practice, on what you learn on the way to become an advanced surfer or yogi.

EVERYDAY IS DIFFERENT: There will be days when you can catch all the waves out there, and days when you can't even reach the lineup, as well as some days you will feel strong, flexible, and fearless, and days when your body is sore, and you might need a more relaxed yoga practice or even a resting meditation. In both Surf & Yoga you will experiment ups and downs, so it's important that you learn from both the good and the bad days.

In KUKUI Surf & Yoga we believe in the powerful combination of Surf & Yoga, and that's why our main focus is connecting both practices in magical Retreats around the world. We create experiences to connect with nature and human beings and to learn how to live a more sustainable and simple life.

In our events we share with our tribe how to be aware of the magic of the Earth and the importance of respecting it. But also we focus on the awareness of the own body and mind through movement, the importance to nourish our bodies consciously and the value to stop and take a break from our crazy frenetic lives to breath and feel. We are creating a tribe of curious humans worried about the planet, about growing and who want to be happy and make happy who want to love the ocean by surfing and love themselves by practicing yoga. You can find more info at



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