Top Tips for Hiking in Summer

Featured guest post by outdoor adventure bloggers Helen and Tristan | @coconuntsandcamels


A bit about Helen and Tristan: 

"We both have full-time "office" jobs and due to our constant urge to explore new places, we use our weekends and vacation time to travel as possible! We're also currently converting a Ford Transit minibus into a campervan, to be our own little home for the road"

Summer Hiking Tips

"It's time for a travel throwback to hiking Vidova Gora mountain on Brac Island in Croatia. We visited in September meaning it was still fairly warm during the day time...

So here are some of our top tips to hiking in the summer months 

  • Leave early in the morning before sunrise, allowing you to get a head start of the trail in cooler temperatures. It's also normally quieter during these times too!


  • Staying hydrated is key! So remember to take at least a couple of litres of water with you per person - or more if you can carry it. We always use our reusable bottles from Justbottle which also keeps our water super cold for hours! 


  • Remember to apply sun cream - even if it's cloudy as sun and UV rays can still penetrate through cloud cover! Also the strength of UV rays increases with the altitude and so is really important to apply sun cream if you're hiking at high altitudes!


  •  Wear light weight, breathable walking boots or sturdy trainers - alternatively good walking sandals is another option is they provide enough support and protection, depending on what kind of terrain you're hiking.


  • Don't forget to take rest breaks during your hike, especially once the sun rises and it gets warmer. And always aim to find a shady spot to reduce sun exposure and over heating.


📸 : View from Vidova Gora mountain, over looking Zlatni Rat beach below and out across to Hvar Island - Croatia"

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