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About Just Bottle™

The Brand

"Just" means fair

We design products that make a real difference, not only for you, for the planet too. We have a responsibility to make single-use plastic products a thing of the past, that's why we create high-quality sustainable products that are easy to use, all day, every day.

Our Sustainability Cycle

At Just Bottle™, not only do we repurpose ocean plastic collected from coastline communities with no recycling in place as part of our sustainability cycle, every bottle sold includes a contribution to Just One Oceans Beach Clean project which directly supports beach clean-ups around the world. 

Business For Good

Supports Beach Clean-Ups

Turns out there's still a lot of work to do when it comes to single-use plastic pollution, especially in the ocean. Your purchase from our future-focused business allows us to help fund beach clean-ups around the world.

Founders Story

Just Bottle™ was born in 2021 by Millie and Sam. They travelled to some far-flung countries and both saw first-hand the damage that single-use plastic bottles have on the ocean. If nothing changed, single-use plastic would continue to ruin a place that's special to both of them.

“Just” to them means to do what’s morally right, that’s why Just Bottle™ is more than just a bottle. They created a reusable drinkware company with one simple mission: to provide a practical solution to the single-use plastic problem.

Everyone has used single-use plastic. Growing up in a country where tap water was undrinkable, our Co-founder Millie was used to buying plastic water bottles every day, there was no other choice.

We all live in a culture of convenience, we can be part of the solution too though, it's never too late to make a small change. Being more sustainable in a wasteful world is not always easy but doing something small is always better than doing nothing! 

our partner
Just One Ocean

Just One Ocean was founded in 2014 and is committed to preserving the ocean for future generations through science, education and communication. In the process of meeting their organisational objectives, they support scientists, film-makers, photographers, writers, artists and volunteers.

Just One Ocean undertake their own scientific research programmes, such as the Big Microplastic Survey and develop projects that encourage public engagement such as their Beach Clean initiative. They also collaborate with universities and other conservation organisations around the world.

Our Shared Warehouses

We have a third-party warehouse in the UK, with Australia coming next and more locations in the future.

Using warehouses in multiple locations allows us to deliver as efficiently as possible and provides the best customer experience. More importantly, however, it enables us to minimise our carbon footprint.

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